Top Social Marketing and SEO Apps for Android

Social media marketing and SEO are needed by companies to target a specific audience. The results for any online strategy will need to be analysed and studied. This includes tracking social media pages, the search engine results pages for keyword phrases, and other pertinent information. Review a few mobile apps for Android that can be used for social media marketing and SEO.

Businesses can use this app to schedule and manage posts on various social media platforms. There are more than 9 million users of this app. Any business that needs to track analytic on social media should use this app. One of the main benefits of this app is being able to share and publish posts or any images at once to a business’s top social networks. Popular social media accounts for Hootsuite will include Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Facebook. A business is able to effectively monitor their brand on Facebook and Twitter. Users can also receive a notification when a targeted audience mentions their brand.

Any businesses that want to know their position in search engine results pages can install this app on a tablet or smartphone running Android. There are many features which make this app a must have when a business needs to track keyword phrase results. A free version and pro version are available. The free version is limited to tracking only three keywords. The pro version is unlimited. Users are able to use a variety of additional features when unlocking the pro version. This includes being able to share various reports, viewing a website health checker, and tracking an unlimited number of keyword phrases.

WebRank SEO
This app for Android devices is an extension of their award-winning web service. Users have access to various tools, such as Website Ranks and Sociometer. These tools offer a great way to track Page Rank in Google and the numbers of likes and tweets. Other tools available in this app include Pages Indexed and WHOIS lookup. However, the pro version is required to gain access to some features. The features included with the pro version include Compare Stats, DiffStats. These two features offer a way to see a comparison of stats from two websites and to gauge the growth of a website. You can install this application easily by visiting Google Play Store. In case you don’t have an opened account there, you should visit, find APK installation file, download it, and follow installation instructions.

The use of this app on an Android device is a great tool to optimize branding and product recognition for a business or organization. A business that wants to begin using Vine should follow a few tips if the desired results are to be achieved. This includes incorporating humour into a video, offering a variety of discounts and promotions to a targeted audience, and future product development. The opportunities a business has using Vine are virtually limitless. One of the best features of this app is that is free for an organization or a use as a marketing tool. Videos can be shared to both Twitter and Facebook.

Businesses have many options available to market their brand. However, the use of Flipboard offers an additional distribution point to help amplify content. If a business has a blog, then this app can be used to view it in magazine-style format. One interesting thing to keep in mind with this app is being able to have a magazine set up to track and monitor competitors. This app allows any magazine to be set to private. A user can use a private magazine to keep informed about changes in an industry. However, users need to have a Facebook or Google+ account to sign into the app.

How One Small Company Is Producing Niche Software For The Forklift Industry

Just about any company involved in warehousing needs to own a forklift, and probably a number of forklifts if not many. A forklift is the vehicle of choice for moving heavy objects around the warehouse, and will do a better job that than any other type of vehicle.

Of course a forklift is a very specialist vehicle performing a very specialist task, and so for this reason forklift drivers need to have the appropriate licence to drive a forklift, obtained only after doing suitable forklift training.

Because of forklift is a specialist vehicle it is heavy, cumbersome and expensive to both buy and maintain. It also, like every other vehicle, has a host of routine maintenance tasks that are required. There are also a number of safety issues related to driving forklifts and this is the reason why specialist forklift drivers are required to be trained and licensed before they are entitled to operate a forklift in any workplace.

Any company that maintains a fleet of forklift’s needs to track all the details relating to each and every forklift. Are the maintenance tasks being performed regularly? Are they being performed on time? Are there any maintenance issues which could lead to a reduction in costs if treated differently? Are the costs of maintaining and running the forklift getting out of hand the point where management should consider either selling it or retiring it?

And a company which owns a large fleet of forklifts may well find that record keeping like this over an entire fleet can become particularly cumbersome and, if mistakes are made, expense. And it can be very difficult to work out exactly how much it is costing to run a forklift if done manually.

So it’s interesting to find that one innovative Australian company is now producing software that helps streamline all of these tasks involved in owning a fleet of forklifts.

The software operates as a comprehensive tool for management of the vehicles in any company which operates a fleet of forklifts. It assists in record keeping of all repair and maintenance tasks, parts, suppliers and debtors and also records details of work undertaken and completed.

Details of every single forklift as well as details of maintenance servicing, parts supply, repairs undertaken and much more can all be recorded in the software.

And of course there are many companies which are in the business of hiring forklifts out to end users. Companies such as this will find forklift tracking software to be extremely useful.

It’s possible to keep track of every single process that occurs in the business of hiring out forklifts. There is a register of assets which can be used to track every single piece of equipment managed by the company. It will track all the expenses and the income generated by every single piece of equipment.

When people think of software they don’t think of software designed to perform simple tasks, like this forklift tracking software. So it’s refreshing to see one company designing software for very specific uses such as this.

Can You Keep Your Guns Safe On Your Phone?

The ownership of guns in the US is the highest of pretty much any Western society in the world. There seems to be an obsession with firearm ownership amongst many people in the US and for this reason there are more households with a weapon in the house than there are in any other country.

Of course guns kill people and therefore if you own a firearm you need to do your best to keep it safe. Statistics show that over 10,000 children are killed or injured by a firearm in the US every single year and the responsibility to try and reduce this figure lies with every single gun owner.

One of the most important things that you can do if you own a firearm is to keep it in a quality gun safe. A gun safe is a dedicated safe intended for firearm storage and which, if you choose the best gun safe you can afford, should protect your guns from theft or unauthorised use. (Click here for a good gun safe buying guide).

And there’s a number of other ways that you can do to make sure your guns are stored safely and securely and cannot hurt anybody.

But how do you put a gun safe on your phone?

There are now millions of apps available online for people to load onto their smart phones. So it comes as no surprise that it’s now possible to get a gun safe app.
Of course it’s not a real gun safe, you can’t lock your firearms away in your phone. However what you can do with your new gun safe app is use it for personal firearm data management.

So in other words you can use your gun safe app on your phone to store any firearm information that you would like to store. For instance you can store information about the individual firearms themselves, ammunition for your weapons, gun club memberships, gun range sessions and gun permits on your phone safely and securely.

So at the touch of a finger you have available to you all of the details of your personal firearms, your stock of ammunition, expiration dates of licences, gun range details and much more.

For instance you can view and you can even print a PDF bill of sale for a gun. You can view firearm laws for every single State, state-by-state. You can even find concealed carry reciprocity shown on the map.

There is an ammunition filter for viewing total rounds per caliper.

And the app is relatively intuitive to use.

It is true that every firearm owner has a responsibility to keep their weapons safe from thieves and unauthorised use, and this is very effectively achieved by purchase and use of a quality gun safe to be kept in the house for safe and secure storage of your weapons.

But for quality data management of all information related to your firearms you can’t go past the gun safe app.

How I Share My Recreational Kayaking Pics And Videos On Twitter Or Instagram

Anyone who has ever taken part in an extreme or adventure sport will remember many moments they wish they were able to share with others. The only thing more rewarding than taking part in activity that gets the heart racing and the adrenaline flowing is the ability to watch it again and again. In the past this meant having someone to stand by and film the sport remotely.

For kayaking this was a nightmare as it is basically impossible for someone to run alongside an entire kayak route and capture all the action that is taking place. The GoPro and the GoPro app changed all of that.

The GoPro, in its latest Hero3 iteration, is one of the most powerful portable cameras on the market. It is lightweight and can easily be attached to a kayak (just make sure you read up on the kayak specs and not just glance over the recreational kayak reviews) or to the kayaker’s body. This allows for kayaking action to be filmed quickly and easily. The latest generation of GoPro was a game changer. The mobile app allows the ability to quickly film, preview and share kayaking footage online. This makes sharing kayaking trips as easy as humanly possible.

Easy To Film

The first stage of creating a kayaking video worthy of sharing on the internet is to get the right footage. Operating a GoPro while Kayaking can be a nightmare but it is a lot easier with the GoPro app. The app is capable of fully controlling all of the camera functions. This means that the camera can be positioned in the optimum position for footage capture rather than for manual operation. It also opens up the possibility of having one person with the GoPro attached to them and another focusing purely on controlling the camera via the app. This allows for much more creative freedom in capturing footage.

Easy To Preview

Another advantage of the app is it allows footage to be previewed in real time. In the past previewing footage would be a time consuming and difficult process involving transferring film to computer and then viewing it. This is obviously less than ideal in many kayaking environments. With the app it is a simple process to view the footage in almost real time. This ensures the right pictures are being captured at any given time.

Easy To Share

One of the coolest features of the GoPro app is the ability to instantly share pictures and video footage via text, email or social networks. It is now, for the first time ever, possible to upload footage to Instagram and other social networks, like Twitter, directly from the Kayak itself. People can like the footage before the kayak has even left the water. This is a game changer.

No Need For Computers

The GoPro app cuts out the need for recreational kayakers wishing to upload footage to ever go near a computer. This is ideal if the kayaking is taking place in a remote outdoor environment. As well as offering convenience this options saves a lot of time. There is no need to spend ages waiting for files to transfer onto a computer, convert into another format and eventually make it online. It can all be done super quickly from almost anywhere. This gives any kayaker extra time to focus on what they truly love – the kayaking experience itself.

This is why I love writing about technology as it keeps changing the way we do things for better and better.

Could GTA 5 Have Upgrades On the PC?

Many people in the world of computer software have been wondering what will happen when Grand Theft Auto 5 makes its way to the computer platform. While it has been a hit on many video game consoles, the PC version of GTA 5 could be more enticing. However, it might have some interesting upgrades. While there is no confirmation at this point as to what might be offered, the changes that might be open might be interesting to think about for anyone to explore and look into for the future.

More Multiplayer Options May Be Open

It is easy to get a computer to be online at all times these days. People can play GTA 5 in multiplayer mode but this might be worth re-exploring for the PC version. Perhaps adding more multiplayer features and even some new missions for this setup would be worthwhile. Having these missions in more places throughout the game including ones where such games are not open at this point might be worth exploring.

Mod the Game More

Modding may become more popular in this game in the future. Part of this involves working with new templates and objects for use in the game. Modding support in GTA 5 could be expanded in the PC version. Modification is a common feature of computer games in that people can take software programs on a computer and adjust individual files. They can then upload them to a server where the files can be very easy to download. Modding is truly fun to use and today people can get it ready for their plans by using it to their advantage to make it all the more special and interesting to have for any purpose one might have.

More Cheat Can Work

People can already get GTA 5 cheats from an excellent resource online if they have the console version of the game. There’s always time to add new cheats and the PC version could have some that are exclusive to that game.

Expanding the Soundtrack Helps Too

The GTA 5 soundtrack has 240 songs on it. That’s a huge total but it could be more considering how massive the game is. Upping it to 400 might be a good idea for the PC version. It never hurts to have a little more variety since it can take forever to finish the game. Besides, Rockstar North can afford the licensing costs for the game at this particular point.

Bring Back Vigilante and Ambulance Missions

The vigilante and ambulance missions that were commonplace in Vice City, San Andreas and many other 3D GTA games are nowhere to be found in GTA 5. The PC version should seriously consider having those missions come back into the fold as they are entertaining and can give people more money and even some power-ups if they are good enough. The changes that could be made to the PC version of GTA 5 will be revealed someday but the ideas listed here are all good ones worth thinking of. It is never too late for Rockstar North to think about using these changes when getting the next edition of GTA for the PC to work.